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March 1, 2012
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Hammarine by jetwhiskey Hammarine by jetwhiskey
I came up with this pokemon while I was looking at a picture of a hammerhead shark, and I thought that since there was a shark/torpedo pokemon, why not make a hammerhead one and make it like a submarine. If you can't tell, it's tail-fin actually is a propeller and that white section is a disk/washer like piece that spins causing the tail to act as a propulsion device. The idea is that when swimming underwater the cannon is sealed away within it's head to prevent water from getting in (even though it fires attacks like Water Gun and Hydro Pump from it) and to make it more aerodynamic so it can easily catch up with prey.

1st/alt Stage: Hammarine
Type: Water/Steel
Ability: Rough Skin/Storm Drain
Name Meaning: Hammerhead shark + submarine
Carvanha - Level 30 while holding Metal Powder
Sharpedo - Level up holding Metal Powder
Info: (No information at this time...will edit it in at a later time.)

Credits: Because I did not create the sprites used to make them, nor the creatures in which this was formed (and what it became), I give credit to those who made it possible for me to do this. Thank you.

Nintendo - Pokemon being a product of theirs.
[link] - Where the sprites came from that were used.
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